“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” ― Marcus Aurelius

It occurs to me that some people like to be negative. Some people like to remain angry. These people seem perpetually angry. At times it almost feels as if these people immediately seek out the negative the world has in it. 

Author John Green refers to this negativity the world produces as “World Suck”. I like this sentiment. He often uses his platform as a means to combat world suck. I appreciate his work and hope that it continues for many years. I also hope he inspires others to create less world suck. 

These are the type of people that make the world a better place. 

People who tend to react negatively to inconveniences drain my energy. We all know these types of folks. They are the ones who step in a puddle of water at eight am and are still complaining about it at eight pm later that night. Never mind that the water has evaporated, the shoe has dried, and that mud puddle is now dry dirt. Life has moved on but they are incapable of doing so themselves. 

Simply put these people add to world suck. 

I have devised a list of things that will help the average nay-sayer. After all, shouldn’t we all desire to not add to world suck and instead add beauty to the world. 

1.) Evaluate the situation. How serious is my complaint? Is it valid? Have I blown this incident out of proportion?

2.) Am I projecting emotion onto the situation? Do I truly know what that other person’s intentions are? Have I made assumptions about the other person?

3.) Communicate your feelings. Are you expressing your emotions? Have you clearly understood the emotions of the other person? 

4.) Empathize with the other person. Have you understood this person’s point of view? Are you attempting to understand how this person feels? 

There are many other steps one can take. However, these will quickly give you a good foundation for personal relationships. 

Another situation that can affect your mood is social media. Specifically, one may see a post or an article about something they do not like. This is absolutely normal. Its acceptable. Its okay. However, what is not acceptable is to post your negativity over something that you could have just ignored. Take that finger and scroll, scroll, and keep scrolling. Do not go back to read comments and to see what others have said. Why would you want to ruin your day and someone else just because you feel the need to be heard. Or possibly the need to feel right and validated. 

I also think it would be a good idea to seek out positive news stories. Negative news stories are a dime a dozen and can make the world feel like a much darker place than it actually is. So for every negative news story read two positive ones and understand there truly are more good people in this world than negative ones. 

My final and best advise is to simply promote what you love. People are at their best when they are discussing their passions. They become excited, exuberant, and happy. Focus on what you find happy. Be thankful for the opportunities that you do have. 

Its inevitable; world suck will happen. However, you can choose to let it take root in your soul or you can dismiss it and focus on your happy. 

I take solace that there are everyday people out their trying to actively combat world suck. I appreciate their works and hope they are successful in spreading more happy. 

This in itself is humbling. 


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