“Happiness is not a goal…it’s a by-product of a life well lived.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

There are times we momentarily forget to be thankful. Its not that we feel we have nothing to be thankful for. Its just we let our problems over shadow our blessings. We let our mind create the facade that our predicament is all encompassing. We allow ourselves to believe that our situation is unlikely to change.

If we stop a moment and look at the history of our worrying we would see that simply isn’t true. Can you compile a list of five worries you had last month? Were those worries resolved? Did you come out on the other side? We seem to forget that things truly do have a way of working themselves out. 

Sometimes we become melancholic and forget there are many wonderful reasons to be full of contentment. Its easy to throw a pity party. It takes work to remind ourselves to just be content with life. There isn’t much to it. People pay a lot of money for the secret to happiness and there isn’t any reason they should.

To be content don’t:

Dwell on your mistakes. Instead, attempt to make an amends and move on. Except that whatever happened and learn from it. Become better for it. Don’t let it be a wasted learning moment. 

Focus on what others think. To be honest we mostly project our own thoughts onto other people. We assume we know what others are thinking before we give ourselves a chance to truly find out what others think. We miss what could be some truly meaningful relationships because of that. 

Be concerned with gaining stuff. Having nice things is not a bad thing. What is a bad thing is letting it affect your attitude when you are unable to attain them. You may have a large home, nice car, and a huge checking account but without people in your life those things cease to be special. Value the relationships in your life more than the things you own. 

Fixated on status. Some folks work their entire life to add letters to their name. For them having CEO, Ph.D., D.D.S, MBA, R.N., or MSW is all that life is about. However, when they do attain those goals they may find that life never stopped and they missed out on many experience because they were too consumed with their status. 

Those are just a few things that can affect our happiness. The above mentioned things are not inherently bad. You can have those things and be happy and thankful for your blessings. Its just all to often we see folks who do have those things and are empty inside. They have let those things be their driving force for living that they do know how to live once they attain those goals.

There is not a process to becoming content. There isn’t a secret to happiness. We simply change our priorities and learn to value different things in life. Everything else is just a bonus. 

Become excited about the little things. Make time for loved ones. Make time for yourself. Develop a sense of humor. Learn to roll with the punches. Never give up. 

Always know that your current situation is not permanent. The light at the end of the tunnel does come. 

“Never make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions” -Unknown

Learning to incorporate those things into our daily lives will help us tremendously when dealing with unhappiness and the sense of hopelessness. They will help us to not become bodged down in everyday life. We can live a full and enriching life by focusing on what matters. To know that we have the ability to overcome is a blessing. We may use it to our advantage to live the life we desire. Gratitude is the foundation for contentment. 

This in itself is humbling.




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