“You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.” ― Antoine de Saint

When discussing human nature my two favorite topics are accountability and responsibility. It is my opinion, that those two qualities define a person’s  character more than anything else.

It is a fresh of breath air when folks admit that they have made a mistake and attempt to move forward. Unfortunately, we instinctively want to hide our short comings. After all, everyone else is perfect and we have to pretend to be just as impeccable as they are. Sarcasm intended.

Some folks twist and bend the truth and mold their world view to such lengths it is astounding. These people cannot see the cold hard facts in front of them. It may be plain as day yet they see the issue as someone else fault.   

These people often say phrases such as:

“I didn’t have to do it if it weren’t for  ____________” or “I only did what I did because of ____________”.

It doesn’t matter what this person fills the blanks in with. It simply means one thing. They are making excuses. They are not taking responsibility for their own actions. 

For some folks they will make every excuse under the sun rather than own up to the reality they created for themselves. The situation may be bleak but it will not become any brighter if you do not acknowledge your short comings and work towards a resolutions. 

Instead, sometimes we hear phrases such as:

“Life isn’t fair” or “If I had things my way”. 

This attitude displays a sense of entitlement. Too often those that refuse to acknowledge they messed up feel as if everyone else has the problem. They tend to minimalism their behavior as a means to deflect their behavior. 

Blaming others for your down falls will not resolve your situation. Being jealous of what others have will not garner their results for yourself.

Hard work and smart work will get you the results you want out of life. Blaming others for your failed ventures will only make you bitter and won’t get you any closer to where you wanted to be in life. 

In life we should recognize there is very little that isn’t our fault. We ultimately dictate our own success. We choose how we respond to life events. We decide what attitudes we will use with others. We determine the velocity at which we go after and concur our goals.

Here a few things to live by:

1) Try not to do stupid things.

2) When you do something stupid, admit it.

3) Ask yourself “What could I have done differently?”

4) Learn from that mistake and move forward.

It seems so simple and yet we all struggle with this to some degree. Just do not become one of those folks whose mistakes are everyone else fault. Don’t make excuses. Be accountable and responsible for your own actions.

Every day we have the ability to work towards being a better person.

This in itself is humbling. 




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