“Future hipsters will love me ironically.” ― Mindy Kaling

Hipster, you’re so vain you probably think this blog is about you. 

Well, actually it is. I had a recent conversation about the hipster mentality and its total repulsiveness. 

Google defines a hipster as one who follows the latest trends and fashions. That may be a general description of these folks but I’ve come to know them differently. Aside from liking things ironically, not participating in corporatism, and wearing Buddy Holiday eyeglasses I find some of them aggravating.

The hipsters that I have met tend to like everything before it becomes mainstream. They tend to like a song for months before it makes it on the radio and becomes over played. I can understand not particularly liking a song that is over played. However, these folks will never let you forget they were listening to it months ago and now its just worn out.  Mind you it debuted on the radio last week. For some it is as if they need you to know they were listening to a certain artist before everyone else was. They loved it first and they won the contest. How about the next time someone is listening to something you have liked forever do not complain about, be excited you have something in common with someone. Just enjoy the music.  

Its as if they have to let you know they are ahead of the trends. 

I’ve known people who have liked a particular band for years and suddenly stopped liking them because they cracked the Top 40. They will inevitably thought they had become too mainstream. News flash, that is what they are trying to do. The purpose of them playing shows and putting out albums is to garner an audience. They want a large fan base. As a long time fan should you not wish to see them achieve success? They are not some secret only you can relish. The bands and movies I tend to like I want everyone to enjoy so they may garner the success they are working so hard toward.

Some hipsters may find something mainstream unappealing simply because it is mainstream. Never mind the fact that they have no knowledge of it. They have not even attempted to make an informed decision on whether that author is good or if that band does in fact rock. Their thinking is if its mainstream it must be bad. If you have that mentality you are missing out on some wonderful things. Two words: Nerds Slushie

  My point is, its infantile to dictate your likes based on what the masses like. Research for yourself if you like a particular product. If you legitimately do not like something that is OK but simply not liking something because 4,000,000 other folks does is stupid. The same goes for loving something months and year before people have started finding out about it. Relish that your favorite author or musician has now created the platform they have been working tirelessly to achieve. That is what real fans do. This sums up my observation of the folly’s of being a hipster. 

Anyone can learn something from everyone. I suppose my hipster friends can at least teach me how to pull off a fedora while wearing a t-shirt/scarf combo.

This in itself is humbling. 


One thought on ““Future hipsters will love me ironically.” ― Mindy Kaling

  1. 1. I just finished Mindy Kahling’s book and loved that quote.
    2. I went to a christian school ( reppin that SEU) and hipsters are everywhere. Especially in the english department. I kind of had a passion of distaste for them (Hipsters, not the english department). It is ironic that they are trying to be something that they protest against. Unoriginal.
    3. As a blogger friend, no fedora. Please no. 😉 Stick with the t-shirt/scarf combo.

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