“I’d rather be partly great than entirely useless.” ― Neal Shusterman

I usually only write when I feel the urge to or when I have a point I would like to get across. I haven’t been writing in the last few days and not for a lack of commentary. 

In fact, I have deeply held opinions on many of the current events happening around the world. 

For instance; the Israel/Hamas conflict, the Ukraine/Russia conflict, and the border crisis in our own country. However, I haven’t actually made my thoughts public. 

I only want to add to the conversation that is already being had. I also want to bring new ideas and thoughts to the table. I do not like the idea of parroting what another article has said. I don’t want to be putting articles out there for the sake of “putting my two cents in” or trying to prove to someone why I think they are wrong. 

I usually only want to highlight facts and show how I draw my conclusions. Of course, I have done that in my head about the above mentioned issues but writing blogs about them will only introduce more negativity in the world. 

I haven’t ruled out writing about them. Currently, I do not feel the need too. There are plenty of article with correct information out there on those issues. One just has to do the research.

However, I did almost write a blog about the “talk” of impeachment of the president. I haven’t because of the above reason. There are plenty of articles discussing why that isn’t actually happening. 

However, there are misconspetions.

There are NO elected members of the GOP (Grand Old Party) calling for the president’s impeachment. I discount goofballs such as Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh whom have called for his impeachment. (They aren’t elected members of the Republican party) The Democrats are wanting the American people to believe there is a call to action to impeach the president but it simply isn’t true. 

I know this to be true because I received an email from President Obama’s people yesterday asking for a donation so they could fight an impending impeachment that doesn’t even exist. 

It was a low point for them. 

That is most likely all I will say on the above issues. Its factual with little to no opinion thrown in. Except Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh being goofballs. 

I am an avid political researcher. I love everything about politics. Its messy but truly important. Every aspect of it effects our daily lives. 

However, I would prefer not to put on the internet my thoughts on the matter when they weren’t asked. I’m always willing to have a thoughtful discussion regarding politics with someone. I like to gauge what people know and believe. I also like to know why the believe the way they do.

Never have a discussion with someone if you do not know the facts or can provide details of the situation. Also, conspiracy theories are ALWAYS going to make you sound stupid.

I started off writing this blog with optimism being the subject I had in mind. I suppose my mind had other thoughts. 

Aside from thinking about the world’s current events, I am excited about my upcoming birthday. Its another year to reflect on my blessings.

That is what sparked my decision to write about optimism. I’m still young enough to believe that the world is my oyster and that anything can happen. Its a terribly exciting feeling.  

In my few years on earth I have learned a few lessons. For some it takes a lifetime for them to learn them. 

I have learned:

1) You can’t control people. You cannot make them do what you want. You can put it out there are see what happens but you can’t make people except it. Begging never looks good on a person. Make your desires known but expect some people to say no.

2) Sometimes that “little voice” in your head needs a beatin’. Going with one’s gut is great. They say you need to trust it. However, if you miss a few good opportunities because of that nagging “little voice” its time it gets a pounding. Make a few out of the ordinary decisions. They could be the best you ever make. Failure is how you learn.

3) Compliment people often. Other’s may wonder if I am insincere when I compliment them. I tend to do it a lot. For me personally, if I compliment you I mean it. I don’t do fake compliments. When you compliment people it makes them feel good. You also look more sociable. But overall you are putting another person’s feelings before your’s.  

I never started out blogging so I could thrash around my opinions and have an outlet to let loose. If I wanted to do that I would stick to pen and paper.

Philosophically speaking, I would rather spread positiveness rather than negativity. That is why most of my blogs are about life advise and being the best you can be. 

By doing this you never know who you can affect. 

This in itself is humbling.



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