“Privacy is not something that I’m merely entitled to, it’s an absolute prerequisite.” ― Marlon Brando

Disrespecting a person’s privacy should always be considered a misdeed. However, over the weekend an internet hacker decided to invade the privacy of some of Hollywood’s starlets.

I’m sure we agree the person that did this is a criminal. He has broken many cyber laws that most likely will have him serving many years in federal prison. As the perpetrator should. He committed criminal acts.

Honestly, we shouldn’t be having this conversation. Folks understand its wrong to take another person’s sense of security, safety and privacy. Unfortunately, the internet provides for anonymity.  People believe they can get away with crimes simply because they have a username like: badA$$88

News flash, hacking into someone’s personal online accounts is an egregious act and sharing with the world what you find furthers the demented act.

Frankly, whether what was shared were nude photos or bank statements, medical records, or a personal diary its still wrong.

I don’t want the fact that what was stolen were nude photos to detract from the seriousness of this crime. The man behind the crimes against Scarlett Johansen’s hacking has gone to federal prison for nine years. Rightly so but this impresses upon the seriousness of the crimes that were committed.

After reading many online comments and tweets one will find that the victims are being blamed. Many folks think the starlets  are wrong for taking those photos and putting them on the cloud. Therefore, they blame the victims for what happened.

I don’t take that position.  It is my opinion that the people’s whose privacy was violated are victims. The Hollywood starlets weren’t out sharing these pictures. They weren’t “leaked” by a person who was an intended recipient. They were on a personal electronic device and uploaded to a private storage system. These storage systems were supposed to have state-of-the-art security measures.

This brings me to my two final points.

1) Some people believe this crime was the fault of the women taking the photos.

2) People sharing these photos or viewing them online are apart of the problem.

There are a number of people who feel that when you take risqué pictures you are asking for what happens. Some believe that its the fault of these Hollywood starlets. I disagree.

The pictures were on a personal device and shared with no one. A person had to take criminal actions to get those photos.

I believe people are only dwelling on the fact that what was stolen were naked photos. If these were bank statements or medical records we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Simply, this act was a breach of expected privacy and all who have committed a crime should be held responsible for their actions.

Also, if you are searching for these photos on the internet you are contributing to the problem. You are perpetuating the cycle of criminal activity. Depending on your age, you may not be breaking the law but you are taking part of robbing a person of their sense of security and privacy.

One should have enough respect for these people to not view these photos. The victims are people. They do not exist for your personal pleasure.

It is irrelevant that the people involved are celebrities that have public personas. Their consent was not given. This criminal act was not their choice.

Also, whether the victim is male or female, I believe the above outlines how everyone should behave when anyone’s privacy has been disturbed. These acts are serious criminal acts and will be treated as such. Eventually, justice will be served.

This in itself is humbling.




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