“Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul.” ― Marilyn Monroe

Having a Christian faith in today’s American pop-cultured fueled society will certainly ensure you are seen as an out of touch lunatic.

Don’t get me wrong the media doesn’t mind people believing in God. However, He has to be completely loving with no standards for morality and never chastising.

I recently read an article discussing Sadie Robertson being on DWTS (Dancing With The Stars). The writer called their Christian faith “overt”. Simply because their TV show based on their family and family business includes their faith.

Who would have thought, Christians using biblical principles to raise a family and develop a business? What a foreign concept?

I’m not affirming I necessarily agree with everything the Robertson clan believes. However, it’s ridiculous to me the media treats them like the plague simply because they believe in a merciful God that wishes to fellowship with us, deeply flawed and sinful humans, through His son Jesus Christ.

The media and Hollywood loves to depict the Christian like a nut bag simply because they do not fit their own narrative.

If one believes in monogamy, saving one’s self for marriage, and modesty they are at worst judgmental and at best as cute and naïve as a woodland creature. Oh bless his/her heart that’s so precious.

Just Google Lolo Jones and see how many articles you will find discussing her decision to remain celibate until marriage.

There are many bad “Christians” out there. See: The Westboro Baptist Church or the KKK.

However. The media constantly reminds society those nut bags are associated with Christians.

Forget the average Christian deplores those groups of people. However, when you point this out you are met with opposition.

Furthermore, when you point out the ills of radical Islam, you are labeled an Islamaphobe.

Even when you make the distinction between peaceful Islamists and radicals.

The media loves to highlight stories of the crazy minority of Christians who do believe in awful things. However, they will not highlight radical Islam.
For instance, there are reports of a radical Islamist who killed a 19-year-old freshman in college for being an American. This was in New Jersey. The same guy killed two gay men in Seattle. Why? Because according to radical Islamist homosexuals must be killed. These are not alleged crimes. He confessed to them for the very reasons I listed.

Do you think the mainstream media has reported this or that Hollywood will make movies remembering the victims?

Of course not! Instead they perpetuate a cycle that worships the monsters. How many movies has Hollywood made that outlines how complicated and misunderstood a serial killer is?

Did you know the living Boston Bomber has a following of women who believes he is innocent and doesn’t deserve to rot in jail and face death penalty?

I find it deplorable that the victims of heinous crimes are an after thought and the monsters who commit the crimes are seen as rock stars.

You can’t make this up!

What gets me is the amount of disdain for Christianity. Look, I get it we haven’t always gotten it right. We let societal beliefs seep through Biblical principle. However, I’d like to think that we are making strides to get back to true biblical principles.

What’s more impressive is the media and Hollywood has done an excellent job in convincing the average American that they and their beliefs are in the minority.

A large majority of regular folks in this country believes in God, moral standards, hard work, and family values.

However, what is on tv doesn’t represent this at all. A majority of shows are about hip twenty something’s that don’t work and have the moral high ground of an inch worm. They usually never believe in God lest there is a tragic event to occur in their life.

The belief that you live by high moral standards is deemed uncool, judgmental, and lame.

I mean think of all the fun you are missing out on?

This isn’t to bash folks who live this way. But why is my lifestyle so threatening to you? I don’t openly trash the things you participate in. Yet the media and Hollywood seems to be so defensive of their beliefs.

Media and the Hollywood elites don’t have to convert. Live your life the way you wish. It’s your right.

However it would be nice if the “Christian” character wasn’t a whack-a-doodle that isn’t socially inept.

The average folks that work hard, the average Americans are the ones lining your pockets with cash.  They are the ones that consume your media content. I would think you being respectful to your audience would be the idea.

Instead Christians are insulted, after all they are an easy target. They do not have a billion dollar platform to defend themselves. They are too busy raising families, working hard, and contributing to society in more meaningful and productive ways. With out these people, that are the butt of your jokes, society would not be the well oiled machine that it is.

We should give thanks for those who want to help keep the fabric of society in tact. Those that wish to keep family centered. The people who truly affect society. We need more of that.

This in itself is humbling.


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