“If in the end we end up together, it’s beautiful.” -Topanga Lawrence

I have to say (or type) what needs to be said.

I have seen many tweets and Facebook comments that haven’t been so good to Girl Meets World. Many who have commented on the blog forums and tweeted are older Boy Meets World fans that aren’t impressed with Girl Meets World.

Their chief complaint is that it doesn’t flow with Boy Meets World. Some take issues that Girl Meets World hasn’t handled “adult” issue. Then some feel like its a bit childish.

These are the most common complaints I have read. I will add that a majority of comments on all of social media regarding Girl Meets World has been positive. However, I wanted to take the time  to address these issues and why they are ridiculous.

The first complaint is that Girl Meets World isn’t like Boy Meets World.

No duh! Boy Meets world was a show in the 1990s. Girl Meets World is an entirely different show. It has a somewhat different focus and is centered a majority of the time around new characters. Its about what today’s kids are dealing with.

However, with each show we are pulled deeper and deeper into the world of Girl Meets World and the consequently in to the world of Boy Meets World. The longer we see Corey and Topanga together the more I see the old characters I loved as a 90s kid.

Secondly, and probably the most important, Girl Meets world hasn’t handled adult issues. This one shouldn’t be difficult. As I type this we are on episode 8, Girl Meets Smackle. That is eight episodes into a series. A series which started with its main characters in middle school. The content will mature as the characters do. It will be natural. It will feel natural. Fun fact, Full House asked Candice Cameron what issues were going on in her life so they could give her character appropriate story lines. Just give it time.

My sister is ten years younger than me. Which means I experienced BMW as it was on TV and my sister is experiencing GMW while its on TV. The issues I faced as an adolescent were discussed on BMW. Also, because the ages match up my sister is benefiting from the issues that have been discussed thus far on GMW. She and Riley are about the same age.

Be patient and give it some time.

Lastly, some feel the show is childish and one comment even said it was very “Disney Channelish”. Again, the show has to grow with its audience. Eventually, we will see the characters grow into mature young people facing the issues that their age group faces.

Here is my take away: GMW and BMW aren’t the same show. They will have differences. However after awhile, I’m sure we will eventually see that GMW will be the same caliber that BMW is. You just have to give the writers time to get there. People are viewing BMW in its entirety. You simply cannot compare an entire series of BMW to eight episodes of GMW. Its already evident that with each episode the series is becoming better. There are story arch’s already forming before our viewing eyes.

I believe what is driving the grumbling is the unbridled curiosity for our beloved characters. I’m curious too. I can’t wait to find out what happens to the beloved characters. However, the writers are doing it in a careful and considered way. They want it to make sense.

I have enjoyed GMW so far and trust the writers completely. They made BMW wonderful and will do the same thing with GMW. After all, they created one of 90s staple TV shows.

If we keep watching GMW we will see the same themes we loved with BMW.

This in itself is humbling.


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