“Don’t settle for what life gives you; make life better and build something.” – Ashton Kutcher

Shark Tank, ABC network’s smash hit, is one of those rare shows. It highlights what makes America great. Our capitalistic society! The premise of the show is quite simple. An entrepreneur meets with potential investors and convinces them to invest in their company/product.

Usually the people that come on the show have faced all odds and are looking to the Sharks for help. Any Shark that decides to become an investor becomes a vital tool to the entrepreneur. Their resources and money become the vehicle that can help launch the companies of these people.

Its a beautiful thing.

Wealthy investors make considered decisions to help a fellow businessman. If the entrepreneur has something that shows potential and the Sharks invest, magic happens! The entrepreneur can hire employees themselves, order more product, hire marketing teams. The investment made by the Shark is used to fuel not only the business of the entrepreneur but the economy as well.

Capitalism creates jobs. Its a never ending cycle of growth if done correctly. Because of one investment countless people were giving the opportunity to work. Those people will spend their new found wages and so on and so forth.

Capitalism and the free market saves lives and is the back bone of American society.  Its the American dream. Shark Tank is the American dream translated into a one hour TV show.

Individuals come to investors so they may help fund their projects that in turn creates more jobs and adds to society.

The best part of that statement is the vagueness of the term “individual”. Notice it doesn’t discriminate. It can mean white, black, Hispanic, male, female, gay straight, adult, child, Asian, and any other difference God has created.

Its a beautiful thing.

In this country if you want to get ahead what you “happen to be” doesn’t affect your outcome. You just have to have a plan, persistence, and the will to do what it takes. You can start from the bottom and work your way up. You can learn a craft and start your own business. You can go to school get an education and move up the latter of success.

If you have an idea that is worth investing in and can find the right investors who believe in you and your product, you can forge a path to success.

You also have to work smart. You have to know what kind of work will garner the results you are desiring. You need the know-how to go after what you want. The patience to know you won’t always get it immediately and the desire to finish what you started.

Shark Tank allows ordinary people to lead extraordinary lives. There is an episode where the entrepreneur wrote one of the Sharks a $200,000 check. They were paying back the initial investment. How amazing is that? The woman has a thriving business. She loves what she does. She employees people and she paid back what she borrowed.

Its the American dream.

People come to this country because of the abundance of opportunity. Its here. You just have to be willing to work for it. So many people don’t see the potential in themselves or their situation.

Take a worker in the food service industry. Working as a cook, cashier, or waiter most likely will not be a career that will sustain your livelihood however opening your own restaurant would certainly do that. Getting a business degree and learning  managerial concepts will better position you to create a better future for yourself.

The American dream allows for every single on of us to rise above our condition. We can better ourselves if we take advantage of the opportunities that are afforded to us.

Finally, don’t be afraid to be proud of your success. It is monumental. It took hard work, countless years, and help from others. I would never chalk it up to luck. Work is difficult. Luck isn’t. Its easy. Do not let anyone tell you’re where you are because of luck. You know the sleepless nights and the fortitude it took to get where you are.

Capitalism doesn’t promise equal results. Some people will fail. Its important to learn from your failures. Pick yourself up. Brush yourself off and go apply what you just learned to your next venture.

Shark Tank is one of my favorite shows for these reasons. Hard working people getting ahead and in turn helping others get ahead. Its capitalism. It has done so much for this great nation. Its competition and instills the desire to do better. We learn from our failures and do better next time. We succeed!

This in itself is humbling.


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