“The human capacity for burden is like bamboo- far more flexible than you’d ever believe at first glance.” ― Jodi Picoult

There is pain in life. No one escapes this fact. We all get hurt. It doesn’t matter if it’s physically or emotionally. It happens.This common thread weaves humanity tighter together.

I’m reminded of an incident that happened to me as a child. I stepped on a toothpick. It broke in half while leaving a part of it lodged in the bottom of my foot. My parents didn’t want to attempt to remove it and I was shivering uncontrollably, no doubt due to fear. So I was whisked off to the emergency room. After a very long wait I finally got to see the doctor.

The doctor injected at shot into the punctured wound as to numb the area. He then cut my foot open and removed the toothpick. It was blue.

From that entire experience one thing stood out and I remember his words to this day. The doctor told me that I would have a little bit more pain in order to feel much better. It would help provide relief. At the time he was referencing the huge needle he was about to stick into an open wound in my foot.

However as I mature, I find that needle was a metaphor I would use throughout my life. It’s not as poetic as “Its darkest before dawn” but it works.

Life throws things our way. Some things that seem as if they are insurmountable. They make us feel powerless. Maybe even like giving up.

Whether you are going through a divorce, a death of a love one, an illness, legal woes, or any other awful situation it does get better. The struggle may feel as if it won’t end. It may be an ongoing issue for years and in some cases life but it will end.

Thus far your track record for getting through bad days is 100%. You couldn’t ask for a better statistic.

The path to a solution or better days may be treacherous and long but oh so worth it. Those horrible days that strung together that made months and even years will be a blur.

That is one of the amazing things about healing. One day you raise your head and that issue you thought you couldn’t overcome is a thousand miles away and you’re a thousand miles closer to recovery. We just can’t see that in the thick of it all. We are burdened by problem. Our rational thoughts are clouded by the issue.

That needle may be long and thick and look like it could take out a rhino but once its over you can start healing. The issue will get worse before it gets better but then it heals.

Our past has a way of creeping up on us. Old scars pulse from time to time but they are scars. They aren’t present day problems any longer.  You overcame.

The resiliency of the human spirit is amazing. The will to live is one of our greatest assets. We have countless stories of people overcoming the odds and making it. We should all work toward adding our names to that list. We can work together and help one another achieve that goal. We can push the bounds of human resiliency.

This in itself is humbling.



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