“Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” -Brad Paisley

Today I posted a fairly snarky Facebook status about New Years resolutions. It was directed at no on in particular.

“In case if anyone was wondering, yes it’s to early to start posting “New year new me” statuses. The appropriate time is never.”

It was meant to represent my thinly veiled contempt for New Years and the annoying habits/beliefs we have for the first day of every year. Of course, I would want to further explain my disdain for the dreadful, despicable, disorienting holiday that is New Years.

For most folks New Years represents a new beginning. A second chance. The start of an adventure. I simply do not feel this way.

Firstly, my personal dislike of New Years stems from my love of the holiday season. For weeks we build up one day. We put so much thought into what we want to get our loved ones. We search for the perfect gift. We shop for hours. And then its all over in one day. All of that effort exuded in one fell swoop.

I would describe that feeling as letting air out of a balloon. I’ve always felt deflated. Its the mark of the end of the holiday season. For me New Years was that reminder and that all of what I described was over.

However, I’ve grown to hate New Years for other reasons. More substantial reasons. Its quite simple:

People put off today what they can do tomorrow. Too many folks use January 1st as their excuse as to why they do not start a resolution. One will hear “I’ll wait a few weeks. In the New Year I’ll……(Insert task).”

Personally, I think its lazy. Why do you need a New Year to do something? Is it really more convenient? Would the task truly be easier to complete simply because the date  on the calendar changes?

No. No it wouldn’t.

People are lulled into most PR firms’ marketing. People love the idea of a “New Year, New Me”.

Truthfully, the majority of people that express a desire to change simply do not. Their goals are too unrealistic. They have a lack of motivation. Or they are swept up in the excitement of a New Year.

I’ve always felt if you wanted to accomplish a task there is no time like the present. I wouldn’t put it off for weeks or months. I’d do it now.

Our actions dictate the change we want to see in the new year. Not the fact it is a new year.

I would advise to make a new resolution every day. Have a goal for yourself as often as you can. Dream a new dream daily.

Maybe its cynical but I live by the philosophy that every day is a new day. Heck every minute is a new minute. Change can happen at any moment. To affirm the statement “New Year, New Me” means one believes change can only happen because a date on the calendar changes. I’d like to think I’m more optimistic than that. I’d like to think changes, adventures, and new beginnings can happen every day. Even multiple times a day.

Its quite a thought. Possibilities are endless, spontaneous, and abundant.

That in itself is humbling.


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