“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” -S. G. Tallentyre

This past weekend a protest was held outside of a Phoenix mosque. The protesters were composed of motor cycle gangs and anti-Muslim demonstrators. The protesters were encouraged by the organizers to bring military style weapons and wear military gear. From reports on the ground this occurred.

No one is questioning there right to protest peacefully. Not a single person. Often in situations like this I refer to the following quote:

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”

Voltaire is credited with saying it but upon further investigation it was actually a female author writing under a pseudonym.

So S. G. Tallentyre should truly receive the credit. Now to the point.

I find the protest disgusting, despicable, and disrespectful. I think it is attention seeking and sad the lengths people will go to be cruel. The Muslims that attend that Mosque are not terrorists.  They are not responsible for the carnage of ISIS. Yet, a group of people felt the need to be ugly with these folks.

If you do not like/believe in Islam fine. Don’t become Islamic.

I’m Christian. I believe Jesus is the one and only way to go to God. -John 14:6

Yet, in no way do I feel the need to be hateful to others. So I do condemn the protest.

I find them vile. However, as much as I am repulsed by the hatefulness of the protests, I do recognize that thankfully in this country we have freedom of speech.

That is about as far as I will go in condoning the protests actions. They simply have a right to do it.

Furthermore, I’ve read several articles about media bias towards the mosque protesters and the Black Lives Matter Protests.

I’m not prepared yet to say there is bias just yet. I do believe there is misunderstanding in the terms and which groups are being discussed.

The media as a whole has not condemned the peaceful protesters in Ferguson, Baltimore, or anywhere else.  The media has rightfully condemned the violent “protesters”. Which really are not “protesters”.

Those individuals are known as rioters. The rioters are thugs, antagonizes, and opportunistic thieves. There should be a bias towards those criminals. They are the ones who have killed, looted, and destroyed property in the cities they have occupied.

It’s simply wrong.

You cannot compare the protesters in Phoenix to the others. Or at least you cannot yet. They have been peaceful. They have not been violent. They have not looted, destroyed property or even killed anyone.

That is the difference.

I saw an argument for where they were coming to the protests dressed in military gear and bringing military style weapons and how that was thug like behavior. It was also said that these folks are being as offensive and acting much like the rioters.

Personally, I think it’s a bit much. I think it’s misguided to bring those types of weapons to the protest. Again, it’s to make statement. It’s for show.

However, as long as they are not breaking any state laws or city ordinances they have a legal right to have their firearms. The second amendment prevails.

They are not using their weapons in any harmful ways. They are not killing, looting, or destroying property.  That is the difference. It’s a big difference.

Again, I’m not supporting these folks. They are attempting to make statement. I believe it’s all for show.  But they have a legal right to do so. As long as they remain peaceful and law abiding.

That is the great thing about freedom of speech. Whether its tasteful or right we can say it. With little to no consequence. Thankfully, freedom of speech includes religious exercise.

Often while in church we offer thanks to God for the fact we can congregate together to worship God without fear or molestation. It’s our right. However, by protesting outside of that mosque those individuals are not being afforded that right.

They are not being able to practice their religion in peace. I believe that is the definition of hypocrisy.  We must extend the same respect we demand from others.

I hope that we grow to become a nation that understands this concept.  May we work to make it a reality.

This in itself is humbling.


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