“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” ― George Orwell

Mayor Bill de Blasio is an idiot. It’s a good thing I do not own businesses in New York City because that is the kind of speech that will have you investigated by the government.

Donald Trump said some crude things about illegal immigrants crossing the border into the United States. We know they are illegal because many of them have no desire to become documented and being an undocumented person in this country is illegal. Like it or not.

In no way do I defend what Donald Trump said. Trump is crude, says what he thinks, and does not believe in political correctness. I actually like that about him.

Trump could have found a “nicer” way to say what he did say. I believe he makes a valid point. Unfortunately, with the throng of people that come across the boarder there are some who hide and seek to do this country harm. These folks are criminals and rapist and murders. In fact, not long after Trump made his statements President Obama called some of those same people gangbangers.

Furthermore, Mexican officials and citizens are offended with what Trump said but to what end? Mexico enforces a strict illegal immigration policy. I wouldn’t want to be an American citizen in a Mexican prison. Yet, Mexico will not do anything to discourage its citizens to not enter the United States illegally. It is sad and very hypocritical.

Immigration is great, provided it is done correctly and legally.

More to the point, Bill de Blasio has announced that the city of New York is going to investigate all contracts that Donald Trump has with the city. Each one will be looked at and then canceled if city officials can find any legal loopholes that would allow so. There are so many things wrong with this.

Chiefly, a government official is targeting a private citizen because he disagrees with his opinions. Isn’t that illegal? Using your powers as mayor to target a citizen? At the very least it is a big government encroaching upon individual rights.

Also, you cannot justify those actions by reducing it to “it is the consequences of free speech”. I am a proponent of you have the freedom of speech but not freedom of consequences. That only applies in the private sector. Government in no way is allowed to punish a citizen for its free speech, except cases of harassment.

Bill de Baliso is a liberal. He believes government should always be strong, healthy, and big. The worst kind. That is a demented way to see the world. The first answer should never be “the government”. There are a few things the government can do and should do. Everything else should be handled by the private sector. Typically if the government meddles it’s forced and the reaction is not as potent or strong as it would have been if from the private sector.

The other issues is that, while we’ve covered that what Trump said was insensitive, a person is entitled to his own opinion. It may be wrong, stupid, old fashioned and all of the above but he/she is entitled to it. We live in a society where people are offended too easily. It is mind numbing and maddening all at the same time. Why would you want to live in a world where when you are offended your first reaction is to tell people? “Hey world! I am offended and you have to know about it”. For that reason I hate social media.

It seems with the rise of social media people feel the need to tell the world when they are angry. To which I respond, go live your life.

Finally, if de Blasio pulls any of Trumps contracts think of all of the jobs that could be lost. To spite one man de Blasio would be willing to sacrifice the personal economy of hundreds or thousands of people. Face it Trump has been a defining force for New York City and possibly the world. He even has his own skyscraper. What would de Balsio say to those people who would lose work because his sissy pants couldn’t handle a stupid opinion of Donald Trump’s?

Its fascists. People who want to control language ultimately want to control the channel of thought. It’s wrong. It’s un-American. It’s not what the founding fathers stood for.

While our country is progressing, many wrongs are being righted, it’s dangerous to attempt to control opinions we disagree with. Just let people have them. It’s their right.

I am unapologetic about my opinions, even those that people disagree with. That’s what makes our country great. People of different opinions, and many other differences come together to make this great country. Let’s not stifle that.

This in itself is humbling.


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