“I have the not altogether unsatisfying impression that civilisation is collapsing around me.” – Theodore Dalrymple

One of the many topics I write about is the decline of the American Family. I believe it is the most important social institution in society. I believe the breakdown of the family unit is the catalyst for many social problems. It affects everything from poverty, crime, and education. Recently, a rape case became sensationalized and covered via the news. A 19 year old man was accused of raping a 15 year old girl. They were both students at a private school. In fact the boy had graduated. The school’s student’s had a tradition called “senior salute” in which senior males attempted to see who could take the most virginity of freshman girls. Ultimately the 19 year old was found guilty of a felony but not rape.  Likely, he will spend some time in prison and will be on the sex offender’s registry. The consequences of sexual immorality are steep and yet society, especially young people, treats sex as disposable as everything else in this culture. I am a firm believer in personal responsibility. I don’t care what others say or society does, we all have to the ability to make our own choices and live with the consequences.  The 19 year old did wrong and doesn’t have excuses. However, there are some ways to combat the issues with sexual immorality in our culture.

The first issue in our society is the over sexualization of women and men. Women are hit with the brunt of this problem A woman is judged on her sexuality by everyone, including other women. A woman or a man’s worth is not determined by their physical appearance. Unfortunately, all forms of media focus on a person’s sexual appeal. Hardees is a good example of this behavior. Remember the salad commercial they did with Kim Kardashian. She ate a salad in her underwear. This behavior only reinforces to boys that girls/women are sexual objects. Its counterproductive to respecting women. Even if a woman is consenting or it’s her idea, men don’t respect it. Until we as a society stop determining value based on sexual desire we will continue to have issues of sexual immorality.

Secondly, society teaches women not to get raped instead of teaching men to be rapists. Often the victim is blamed. Her clothes, make up, and cognitive state is used against her. This argument is stupid. No decision a victim of rape makes affects if they are raped. Rape is a crime and decided by one party. Otherwise its consensual sex. Society should be teaching everyone to respect each other’s bodies, understand no means no. She isn’t being coy and her being drunk isn’t your magical ticket to a good time. My advice to anyone would be is to take your safety seriously. If you get drunk have a friend look after you and be aware of your surroundings. One final thought, if both parties are drunk and the victim is too drunk to consent so is the initiator, regardless of gender.  Attitudes about sex and gender should be egalitarian.

Finally, society wants unrestricted sexual freedoms. Society wants no judgments about sexual behaviors. Our culture has become the one of hookups. Apps and website for discrete encounters are rampant. It’s a selfish way to see the world. How can one expect young people to not react in heinous ways when our culture pushes sexual immorality like they do? Without constraint our society views sexual matters more and more in a disposable fashion. Just recently, Ashley Madison, a site for men looking to cheat on a spouse, was hacked. It highlights the attitude of sexual freedom in this culture. People want what they want when they want it. It’s destructive. Sexual freedom has to be contained. People should be placing value on their virginity.

American society is obsessed with sex. It seems kids are getting pregnant at younger and younger ages. We celebrate this instead of educating the importance of celibacy. Sexual desire is natural and shouldn’t be suppressed but should be expressed in the proper ways. More specifically, a monogamous married relationship. I realize I sound like a prude but the truth is if society didn’t over sexualize people, teach different gender roles for people, and have a desire for complete sexual freedom we wouldn’t see such a rapid decline in American society.


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