“America is the story of everyday people who did extraordinary things. A story woven deep into the fabric of our society. ” Marco Rubio

I attended my first political rally today. Marco Rubio came to Franklin, Tennessee, which is about 1 hour and ten minutes from my home. It is a total of 78 miles from my drive way to the Embassy Suites where the rally was held.

My experience was very good. My group and I arrived early and were able to position ourselves in a good spot. I’d say I was fifteen to twenty feet from Rubio. As we arrived it was immediately apparent that the number of people who were showing up was huge. As we checked in we learned the number of folks coming was more than the venue could hold so they moved the event to the parking lot right outside the hotel. One of the speakers advised they had 4000 register but thought the crowd looked more like five to six thousand folks.

As I said, we arrived early. As I was waiting with my sister I observed the crowd, listened to some conversation, and met a lady who emigrated from Japan thirty five years ago. Her and her husband had driven from Jackson, Tennessee, which is easily a two and a half hour drive west. I must confess we spoke for an hour on many subjects but I never got her name. She spoke of the differences between the United States and Japan and how she wanted to raise her children in America. What struck me was she truly appreciated the fact she lives in the greatest country in the world. I found her interesting.

Then the event started and the three speakers warmed the crowd up for Marco Rubio. Rubio came out and gave a fifty minute speech detailing his agenda if he were president. However, he kept true to his theme of unity and connectedness. He spoke about being a president for all people, including the ones that don’t like him. He even joked about lowering their taxes too. At times when candidates speak about unity it may fall on deaf ears. Each candidates hopes to bridge different communities but never has the ability. Marco Rubio is different.

I observed many different types of people at today’s event. I saw old people and young people. I saw White people, Black people, and Hispanic people. I saw women and men. I saw veterans and disabled people. I saw folks with what looked like Indian background. I saw what America is founded on, people of different backgrounds coming together for a common goal. Everyone in the crowd was there to support their candidate and hear his vision and plan for America. The crowd was enthusiastic and in turn made Rubio comfortable. As he spoke about inclusion and the new face of the Republican Party I saw what he sees, the evidence for this new party. It is clear he sees a turning tide and has the ability to harness it in his favor. As I listened to him speaking passionately about his vision of America, I thought of the lady standing next to me and the story she told me about her life in Japan and her immigrating to this country. It parallels Rubio’s parent’s story and their efforts to attain the American Dream. In a few words that is what Marco Rubio wants to do for the American People. He wants to make available the same American Dream that his parent obtained for themselves. It was quite a moment.

My first political rally will be a good memory to reflect on. An intense feeling washes over a person when they say the Pledge of Allegiance with five thousand people or cheering on the impassioned words of someone whom you share your beliefs and vision for the country.

Marco Rubio is optimistic, inclusive, and passionate. All of which is what we need for a New American Century. If you are interested in his policies, I’d visit his website: www.marcorubio.com



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