“Everything I learned I learned from the movies” -Audrey Hepburn

At one time, just a few years ago, I hated movies. I’m not exactly sure what the deal was but I did not like watching movies and I did not care to go to theaters. Crazy, I know. It was about four years ago that I changed my mind. My brother and I decided to make a list of movies and see them throughout the year. Since then we’ve done it every year.

I say all of this because throughout this process movies have come one of my favorite things on the plant. I think going to the movies became a coping skill for me. It was an experience and if you let yourself you could immerse yourself into a two hour break.

Movies are magical. Most of them are wonderful storey telling. I love movies that captivate and make you feel things. A good movie makes the viewer forget they are watching a movie. A good movie can make you angry, joyful, prideful, saddened, and hopeful.

I get swiped up in movies sometimes. I’m not prejudice to movies. My favorite type of movie to view is in the theaters. I enjoy the surround sound, the big screen, the previews, and the collective reaction for the audience. It’s nice to know that you are experiencing similar emotions with a group of people A shared moment of whatever that particular emotion is.

I even enjoy TV movies. I was raised on Lifetime movies. I remember a handful. I remember one called Dawn Anna. It was about the volleyball coach of Columbine High School. The movie chronicled her life. I remember watching a movie with Kristie Allen. She portrayed a person with intellectual disabilities. Her character married another individual with intellectual disability and the premise of the movie was should they have children. I also remember watching a movie about a Trans teen that was brutally beat to death and the boys guilty of doing so buried his body in a field and then went to have breakfast at a waffle house. Each movie evoked a strong reaction and I vividly remember they shaped my opinions about different issues.

Tonight, I saw London Has Fallen, the sequel to Olympus Had Fallen. I loved OHF and wanted to see LHF. Of course sequels don’t usually compare well to the original. London Has Fallen was good but I liked OHF more. LHF evoked emotions of patriotism and justice. I love those movies because the main character takes no prisoners. I’d recommend it.

But what I love the most is the story telling. I believe movie making is an art and an extension of books. Movies accomplish the same things that books look to achieve. They change us, encourage us, and heal us. The story telling that comes from movie magic helps us feel we aren’t alone.


This In Itself Is Humbling


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