“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” ― Marie Curie

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of talk about bathroom bills. More specifically, Trans issues have been tossed into the public arena. Many states are passing or are considering legislation regarding a Tran’s person ability to use public restrooms. Tran’s issues have been gaining momentum in the last year or so but it is important to consider these “Trans issues” are issues a Trans person contends with a on daily basis and isn’t something that just started in the last few years. Let’s explore that:
No matter your views on Transgender issues one should educate themselves on this deeply personal issue.
What prompted my writing this blog was the recent passing of the North Carolina bill that requires people to use the bathroom that correlates with the sex on their original birth certificate. So if a person does complete sex reassignment surgery they would still be required to use the restroom of the sex that they had a birth. There are two parts to this bill but this blog will only focus on the bathroom portion.
As usual this argument can be divided between liberal and conservative views. Of course people of the respective parties can have differing opinions within the party but a generality does exist.
Conservatives frame their argument for this bill in terms of privacy and security. They affirm that a person’s privacy is compromised when a person has to use the bathroom with someone that has a different biological gender. The example provided was if a man used the women’s restroom a woman would be very uncomfortable. First, it struck me that the commentator used the language “biological sex” because the LBGT community affirms that gender is mental and sex is biological. It almost felt as if they too were affirming that belief as well. Secondly, I would assume that a woman would be very uncomfortable if a man used the women’s restroom. However the point that the Trans community continues to reiterate to people is that a Trans person is not their gender they were born with. So If a Trans Person is using the women’s restroom they are affirming I am a woman and belong here. So personally, I don’t see how privacy has been impacted however people will need to figure that portion out for themselves.
The second issue is security. Conservatives affirm that women and children are somehow put into risk when a transgendered person uses the restroom of their identified gender. They believe that perverts would use this law for their own deviant behaviors and do unspeakable things to women and children. Conservatives push that allowing Trans people to use the bathroom of their mental gender would make it easier for men to rape women. This argument is weak. In fact it s contradicts an issue so near and dear to conservatives. Let’s apply their argument for putting into place a law to restrict/prevent behavior. The same argument can be applied to gun control. Liberals argue if they create stricter gun control laws then they will lessen the amount of gun violence. We know that won’t work. You cannot legislate morality and cannot control people’s behaviors with laws. So what does this have to do with the bathroom bill? The point is that a person who is participates in the abhorrent behaviors of raping children and women will go into the women’s restaurant regardless of the law. Furthermore, you cannot equate Transgendered people with dirty perverts. Most Transgendered people do not rape women and children and are upstanding law abiding people. It becomes no more easier for a man to use a woman’s restroom than it was before. It is against the law for a man to do those things before this bathroom law. It continues to be against the law for a man to use the women’s restroom and for a man to rape women and children. This bathroom bill does not restrict the behavior of men who would do those terrible things to women and children. It only prevents law abiding citizens from using the restroom. If you logical explore the issues it seems the bathroom bill is motivated for other reasons.
Liberals view the bath room bill as discrimination against Transgendered people. They argue a Trans person should have the right to use the bathroom that correlates with their mental gender. They also contend that it is a safety concern for a Trans person to use the restroom that correlates with the gender on their original birth certificate. There have been numerous attacks on the LBGT community. Liberals postulate that if a Trans woman uses the men’s room that be putting them in danger of being assaulted. Considering the amount of imperial evidence, this is a valid point. There is a long history of physical abuse of the LBGT community.
I wrote this article because I saw a terrible cartoon floating around online about a man wearing a dress so he could get into the women’s room to hurt women and children. That person wasn’t transgendered. It was a pervert. I imagine that the rate of men assaulting women in women’s restroom will not increase due to Trans people using the bathroom that correlates with their mental gender. I do not think that people are treating this issue with compassion or understanding that it deserves. People are still not listening to Trans people about any Trans people. Some folks still believe that the LBGT community is completely making up these issues. It’s quite sad. This world lacks compassion and understanding. It is my hope that people can facilitate a discussion that is respectful. No one has asked you to change your belief but being disrespectful and a terrible human being is not an option.

Let’s work to making the world a better place.


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